Conect.One is a communication strategy team. While we do not manufacture actuall products we represent everything that helps to communicate, mainly human to human - with and without technology and media in between. The huge big data - IoT - M2M sector is covered for international organisations. Technically we rely on our people network and on Network Service Holdings HK Limited (Hongkong), which is a B2B supplier for anything digital on all three levels: Digital platforms | Applications | Connectivity via GSM, mobile internet and WiFi in 193+ countries.
The operating team is multinational, from Hongkong, Japan, China, Thailand, Croatia, Sweden and Germany. One of the sweetest strenght of this team: It orchestrates power compentences, from scientific social communication competences to setting up and managing mobile networks in east African countries for the public and for gov communication. The intercultural approach helps a lot to serve worldwide. Combined we speak: Japanese, Chinese, Thai, some Slavic languages, Swabian, French, Portuguese, German and English of course.