Drive Fans Crazy

Allow fans, followers to talk to you directly, privatly, with and without camera.

The Call is the Cash

The moment you pick up the phone the cash flows and is on your account in moments.

Global Presence

Receive chat calls from anywhere at any place you are at the moment, even in your air plane.

VIPs, Influencer, Coaches


A new format for fans and followers and to make quick extra cash instantly available.

Your Location is Fine

Stay connected where there is no internet or while you are travelling.

Digitally Fully Covered

The platform takes care of making and sending you the money and satisfying your followers. You set the income: USD 50.- per 30sec / EUR 250.- per min / GBP 500.00 per min as group call. Let your imagination flow.

100% Your App

Your Name, your logo on top. Your app makes all options available: Mobile voice call / chat call with and without video / with and without recording and many more features are prepared.

All functions

Earn from your great compentences and positions.

Where Your Phone is

The service follows you. The platform manages the GSM-LTE-WiFi networks as if they were one.

Automated Service Execution

Your platform operates like a telecom, as CRM, as fully automated billing machine, as your loyal companion in your back.

Boost Your Name

Get your app with your name in 30 days. Now anyone can call or chat with you anywhere at rates you set. Your apps works worldwide, inclusive VAT and with several languages.

All functions

Get your clients louder for the fans and followers all over the world.

Each Phone is Good

Count on the mobile networks in 193 countries. Now you can make anyone call from anywhere with any phone.


No need to learn telecom stuff. This one does it all by it´s own: Billing, invoicing, CRM, scheduling, sending money and more things you would like digital.

Apps as a Service

Run as much apps as you like for any name, brand, event or locality. They work beyond the internet and deliver your services at least in all Android phones and iPhones.

All functions


Your Connectivity from Conect.One

Your Connectivity

Full set of telecom & chat features:

GSM + LTE + WiFi connections provided and billed by you.
Robust connections via and beyond the internet.
A single app can do all: Chat, internet & mobile calls.
40% greater social reach unlike internet-only services, equals 2.5 B more potential users.
193+ countries become your home-zone, inclusive freezones°.

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Your platform from Conect.One

Your Platform

Your foundation to control anything digital.

Connectivity ⁝ Gain direct access and earn the connection fees.
Applications ⁝ Deep-control your services on any phone and for any device.
Billing ⁝ You set the rates, margins and control any movement on your platform.
Hosting ⁝ Flexible all three options: Colocations, cloud, on-site.
Unified ⁝ The three building blocks of digitalization complete and turnkey-ready.

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Your apps from Conect.One

Your Apps

Empower any(ph)one with your services.

Software for any device.
Your SIM cards/e/film deliver and monetize your services directly.
Your phones and devices for deeper security and special requirements.

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Extended Service Power

Apps include connectivity and operate beyond the internet:

Reach more users.
Facilitate all ways to connect people worldwide.
Earn the connection fees.

Conect.One Security


Protected on three and more levels:

Conversations and files ⁝ AES 256-bit encrypted.
Transmission routes ⁝ TLS/SSL encrypted.
Real-world ⁝ Optional passwords lock chatrooms, screens and more.

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Astonishing simple: One information allows 100% function.

Conect.One is good for money


Earn like a telecom:

Additional income streams ⁝ Users pay you constantly and directly the connection and subscription fees.
Platform & Apps ⁝ Sell ad space and bill 3rd-party services.

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Double benefit:

Direct sourcing gives you the best possible purchase conditions.
Lean management ⁝ One system for your entire communication: Yours!
Company value ⁝ Upgrade your entire business with Conect.One´s digitalization.

Your Connectivity from Conect.One

Benefits for Users

Let customers love you once more:

Wow rates ⁝ Calls always begin in the freezone°, worldwide.
Deeper security and oustanding privacy are automated.
Greater reach gives seamless connections accross platforms, networks and the world.
One-comfort ⁝ All in applications: Chat, internet- & mobile calls, SMS-texts, unified communication, mobile data and more.

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Conect.One Own

Your Benefits

Digital 5.0 by Conect.One gives you:

Extended control and transparency for your value circles.
New income streams⁝ Bill anything and earn the connection fees.
A single source for your streamlined digital setup.
Digital autonomy on top of networks, technologies and leading innovations.
Quick Start⁝ Start in 7 | 15 | 30 days from now, beginning with 3x3x3xfree: Business Packages

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Newsroom communications, connectivity, networks.


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