Digital Platforms

Totally connected and orchestrated with your applications.

Your basis of everything digital: Streamlined, unfied, global and monetizing.

The platform that manages connectivity and deep controls applications.

Hosting & Colocations

The best places for your digital setup with all options included:
CoLocations in your region.
Accredited cloud providers for the non-critical parts.
On-site for large or special installations.
One hosting for all services inclusive connecity and app management.


Connectivity & Networks

Your platform bills and manages the mobile connectivity as if you were a telecom.
With GSM, LTE and millions of WiFi hotspots you are at home in 193+ countries.
User experience freezones°, better rates, better coverage and a seamless performance across borders and networks.



Deep control your applications in terms of payments, security and accessibility beyond the internet.
Direct connectivity boosts your applicational service power even more.


Billing & Invoicing

Unlimit your ability to bill any movement on your platform and applications.
Auto-invoicing  includes VAT, your currencies and languages and your sender credentials.
A few details from you and everything runs automated under your brand.


Customer Relations

The automated hello - lifetime - lost user management covers the standard communcation between you and your users.
Let the platform automatically send invoices, statements, voice recordings and more with your logo.
Live-broadcasting  across platforms and networks allows to directly communicate with your audience and potentially any phone on this globe.


Service Levels

Your digital service power under one roof:
Connectivity rests on telco house rules and thereby attains an up-time of 99,8%.
Hosting is covered by colocation house rules: 99,9 % uptime.
Apps  are hosted by the different stores like Apple, Google and similar.
Extra reliablity is provided by our multi-network access in 193+ countries.


Business Opportunities

Boost your business!
Sell ad spaces and allow billed external services?
Want to make the Conect.One portfolio even greater? We are curious. Talk to us!



Three ways to make Conect.One usefull fo you:
Stand-Alone &ngbsp; Autonomous business packages with everything included. Send some information and artwork, feed the user database and start earning after 7 | 15 | 30 days.
Plugin  Upgrade your existing installation. Our API libraries help to boost your service power.
Dedicated  Exclusive for larger digital setups with specific requirements and a data base of .25 K and more active users.


Conect.One platforms provide monetized end-to-end control of your value chains.

Get your digital setup from a single source, fully streamlined for simple administration on a single screen.
Connectivity empowers to earn more and gain autonomous control.
Beyond the internet  You can offer calls and data with and without internet connection.

It´s yours. We do not offer a reseller business or sub-distribution. You own your platform and the connected services.

You will get even more. Your platform is enabled to connect to any phone worldwide with and beyond the internet. Your platform makes direct money. Your platform helps people to connect via freezones, across platforms and borders.
Btw: Whatsapp, Skype, WeChat, Hangout and Co. have no connectivity on board and therefore depend on external servcies to work.


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