One-comfort for your smooth digitalization.

Covered on all three levels your digital installation can run on auto pilot.

Our orchestrated one-stop integration gives you a smooth integration.
Our streamlined business support with everything made simple.
Our fully automated CRM modul includes technical customer support.


Conect.One services enable any business to go digital and to upgrade existing installations.
Stand-Alone  Autonomous turnkey-ready business unit: Start sales after after 7, 15 or 30 days.
Plugin  Extends or upgrades existing installations via our API library.
Dedicated  Extends larger installations or sets up digital systems with 0.25 M and more active users.


Service Levels

You are covered above average:
Telco house rules for connectivity.
Colocation rules for service hosting.
Deep control of your apps by the platform.
Streamlined quality management by a single system and a single admininstration interface for the entire installation.

Customer Support & CRM

Customer relations on two levels: Automated and technical live support.
Automated CRM is controlled by the platform and covers the entire life cycle of each individual user.
Technical live support for your helpdesk is provided by Conect.One on a 24/7 basis.
First-level support and more support options are available.


Yes, the business packages under Stand-Alone and Plugin allow to run your communication from your "kitchen table".
Different customer support moduls relieve you from direct user contacts. Send us your details and your user data, inform new and old users and we do the rest. The daily report and the dashboard show you what is going on.

The connectivity rests on telcohouse rules, hundreds of mobile network operators and millions of WiFi hotspots. The hosting rests on colohouse rules of 99,8% uptime, is realized by georedundancy, partially being connected to accredited cloud providers. The multi-network and multi-location setup grants a naturally better service quality.
Depending on your agreement you can count on 24/7 chat support in English/German.

The platform includes an automated Hello-Lifetime-Lost management. You can broadcast, change words, frequency, etc. as you like.
Users get an online account, automated statements, invoices, call notifications, call recordings, alerts into ther chat inbox.
You set the languages, curriencies and VAT, send your artwork, some business details and the CRM module is doing the CRM job all by it´s own.
First line support can be ordered as well, while technical support for you is mandatory for each business package.

QUESTIONS?  We are here for you!