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Integrate Communication

Turnkey-ready, comprehensive and total mobile.

One-stop integration of your entire digitalization in two formats.

Stand-Alone | Plugin.


Feed the user data base. We take care of the rest.
Great for building a new business and for digitalizing your business from scratch. Stand-Alone can be ordered online as three business packages: Starter | Lite | Medium.


Extend your existing digital installation.
Supercharge your mobile apps and generate new direct income.
API libraries help to dock old with new, to make different services one.
Plugin can be ordered as Starter and Lite business package.

Dedicated & Exclusive

PRIME & FULL for high-end clients.
Extend your existing digital infrastructure with a data base of .25 M and more active users.
Get your basis for being a leader in everything digital with just your brand.


Provide connectivity in your country and worldwide on the basis of networks in 193+ countries.
Powered by GSM - LTE - WiFi Conect.One enables you to mobilize your business and monetize your services.
Boost revenues as the connection fees will directly be paid to you.


Digital Platform

Central control of your communication on all levels.
Own your entire value chain anywhere and anytime by a single system.
Defragment digitalization and have each segment controlled by a single and consistent system.
The integrated app and connectivity management allows streamlined operations for any kind and size of business.


Empowering Applications

Your service power for any user and on any device.
Test right away with your Android phone or iPhone.
Order your very own SIM card/e/film application, your dedicated devices for IoT & M2M and your Wow-phone with integrated and money-making connectivity.
Conect.One applications help to unleash your potential beyond the internet.



Get empowered to bill anything.
Your platform sends out the invoices for connection and subscrition fees.
3rd-parties and substructures utilize your platform? You bill and earn.
VAT: Included.
Currencies: Included or prepared.
Auto-billing is followed by auto-invoicing.


Control & Management

Get a daily report as decision maker. Get your real-time management dashboard as admin.
From the kitchen table: Smaller setups are quite simple to administer from your computer.
You set the prices, rates and margins you want to earn.
Deep control your apps directly and in real-time.
Automated customer relations takes care of sending out news, invoices, recordings, statements and what ever you like.


Languages you require

Get your services in your language.
The current app is avialable for eight languages.
Your language is not available?


You can earn money from day one on.
Gain ultimate control and greater reach of your assets due to integrated connectivity.
One control of platforms, connectivity and your apps. Conect.One unified and streamlined the digitalization of businesses and infrastructures.
It´s probably the most economical and comprehensive digitalization for SME and international bodies.

Conect.One changes this: Traditionally third-party providers earn from your value stream. They control and get your and your users data. Your services critically depend on external service providers.
Better  Integrate connectivity, provide connectivity, earn the connection fees directly and 100%. Become a connectivity provider and control your entire value stream worldwide.

This part of our conception: Enabeling businesses to own their communication.
Transparency regarding suppliers, costs and conditions are our concept.


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