Make & Save Money

Optimize your new and old income streams.

Conect.One makes your digitalization a profit center.

Invest in direct income and long-term financial advantages.


Earn while others talk, chat and use the internet.
Earn the connection & subscription fees directly and constantly with margins of up to 100%.
Sell ad space and 3rd-party services on your platform and apps.
In-app shops  Be precisely there where your customers are.
Earn like a telecom!


Closer to the sources.
Gain high-level access to networks, colocations and cloud suppliers, to code and even IP rights.
With Conect.One you drastically reduce costs and start owning your communication at the same time.

Saving Money

Safe up to 100%.
International freezones° for social and M2M-IoT communication.
Stop paying international roaming fees in 193+ countries.
One platform, one billing, one administration for all of your communication needs.

Billing & Invoicing

Collecting money is automated on all levels:
Invoicing is done with your logo, credentials and bank account.
VAT treatment for 193 countries.
Currencies of your country, region.
Payment provider integration, like Stripe, PayPal and similar.
Dashboard and daily report show what is happening on your and your users accounts.

Rates & Fees & Margins

The business model depends on you.
You set the prices and rates while the platform is able to bill any movement on the platform and in the apps.
You determine the margins you want to earn.
Connectivity let´s you earn like a telecom.
Unlimit your imagination of how to make money with your digital installation.


Users pay you directly

Receive the money directly from your users on your business account from Stripe, Paypal or similar. Conect.One is not in between or involved in the payment process.


Bill Anything

Earn like a telecom ⁝ You earn the connection fees: Call minutes, data usage, subscription fees.

In-app sales ⁝ Sell your and external services via your apps and online.

Money-platform ⁝ Unlimit your ability to bill and invoice any kind of service.

Sell digital services

Become a social media provider, a Big Data distributor, a source of high valua VAS, .. your imagination is your limit.
Sell ad spaces and allow 3rd-party services using your platform and applications.


Closer to the sources

Directly connect with the original vendors: Network providers, colocations, enterprise cloud suppliers, coders.

Earn 100% margins

The Conect.One installations manufacture voice, data and digital services. you than don´t have to pay to external vendors any more.

Lean management

A single place for your entire communication needs inclusive automated administration and billing.



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