Prices, Rates & Margins

New great income and massive savings.

Full control of your money streams.

Users pay you directly. | You set rates and margins.


Let each call start in the freezone°
Free calls, chat and data features can be utilized to save or make money.
As provider you are entitled to bill "free" services at rates you set.

Low Wow-Rates

Let users save up to 96%.
Wow-rates for calls and mobile data outside the freezones°.

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Gain fair and transparent purchase conditions.
Earn 100% margins as the platform produces sellable features for free.
Connect directly with the original and OEM vendors where ever 3rd-party suppliers are needed and when you choose the Dedicated business model.


Earn up to 100%.
Set prices and rates  Manufacture digital products for free / at cost-price.
Your purchase conditions for 3rd-party suppliers are as direct as possible.

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Currencies & VAT

Your platform handles the curriences you need. You can have different curreny price plans under one product.
Invoices are VAT compliant for the EU and other regions.

Earn the connection fees for calls and internet-data.
Users pay you directly. The platform bills any movement on your platform. You set the rates, prices and margins.

You can sell in your and 190+ more countries. The platform handels VAT, currencies and languages.

Users pay you directly and 100%.
You are the owner of your platform, your apps and the connectivity and therefore control the entire value stream. Conect.One is not in between you and your customers.

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