Your new power to connect people and services.

Add connectivity to your platform, apps and experience next-gen digitalization today.

The three digital building blocks in one, streamlined and unified.


Earn like a telecom!
Collect the connection and subscription fees for calls, data and unified communication.
Your new profit center: Connectivity adds constant and organic income to your digital installation.


Multiple Networks

Count on GSM (2G-3G), LTE (4G-5G) in 193+ countries and millions of WiFi hotspots, managed and billed by you.
The multi-network access gives you extra power to provide services beyond the internet reach further than others.
The platform and apps make the many networks behave like one.


Local & Global

Conect.One is your gateway to make business in 193+ countries. You can operate locally, regionally and globally alike.
Locally you have access to three networks: GSM, LTE and WiFi.
Seamless The platform delivers a smooth performance while phones and mobile devices roam in different networks during a call or a internet-data session.
Internationally you can provide with freezones° for voice and data services or at least eliminate roaming fees.


Social Communication

All relevant types of calls and chat by a single system: Mobile calls, internet calls (VoIP), chat (messaging, audio, video, sharing) and unified communication.
Users will only need your applications to communicate with any phone worldwide.


Internet & Data

Serve mobile internet users and the IoT-M2M industry with unique features.
Get directly paid for internet-data usage.
Our global data flat-rate helps to handle big data worldwide.


User Benefits

Provide with all-in-one apps for all ways to communicate.
Deliver global freezones° plus super low Wow-rates for calls outside the freezone.
Amaze users by performing where most digital services do not.


You can order

The app and get paid the call and messaging fees.
The SIM applications as cards, e and film SIM and get paid the internet-data fees as well.
On-board connectivity for phones and mobile devices and get paid like a telecom.

What do you get?

Social communication comes as all-in-one service: Chat, VoIP and mobile calls, plus unfied communication features.
Internet data connectivity is IP and session based, via GSM, LTE and WiFi hotspots.
Conect.One delivers all-in-one what you usually gets very fragmented as different technologies, as different applications and from different brands.

Yes, it's yours. We do not offer a reseller business or sub-distribution. You can become an autonomous connectivity provider.

You can connect any phone and any mobile device like a telecom. You´ll get enabled to manage and bill your own connectivity via the GSM, LTE and WiFi networks.


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