All-in-one Communication

Chat & Calls

A single place to meet and share.

All ways of social communication on a single platform and in a single app for all phones.


Get paid like a telecom.
You earn the connection fees directly.
Earn subscription fees and value added voice services. Example: Instant money for VIPs, Coaches and Influencer.
You set the rates, prices and margins you want to earn.



Unlimited calls and data where ever users are. Realize this dream of many.
Offer international free calls inside your community and beyond. Offer "no roaming fees" to international travellers in 193+ countries.


Mobile Communication

No internet? Call anyway!
GSM calls are billed by you.
Wow-rates  help to save up to 90% and eliminate roaming fees.
2G & 3G networks allow to talk while in the countryside, while going 110 mph and similar.
Messaging works without internet, accross platforms and for any mobile phone.


Internet Calls & VoIP

Outside the freezone°?
Low Wow-rates while roaming in 4G & 5G networks and while connected to WiFi hotspots.


Get your full-fledged social media application.
Provide with video-audio, messaging, sharing, group calls, broadcasting and cross network/platform texting.
Fee-based or freezone° chat? You decide.


Let your users send texts and chat messages to any phone on the globe.
Best social reach  Messaging works beyond the internet and is platform neutral.
Low Wow-rates for messages outside the freezone°

Unified Communication

The platform operates like a personalised telecom system.
Business features for everyone:

Voice mail
Call recording
Local numbers rental

Follow-me calls
High availabililty calls
Conference calls
... more

A single app handels all your users communication needs so that they would just need your application instead of many different ones.

Utilize all available networks powered by your unifying digital platform.
Conect.One assembles the mobile networks and the leading social communication technologies on a single platform, which powers applications for any phone and mobile device.

Get Social Meida 5.0 under your brand  The connecting platform plus mobile networks plus the apps for all phones make you a game changer in social communications.
Our approauch comes from the consumer side and reflects what is technically possible and affordable.

Provide full scale chat, inclusive video, audio communication and group calls, messaging, sharing anything, using unified communication features like call recording, voice-mail, booking local numbers, ..
Calls always begin in the freezone° or use Wow-rates worldwide. Call any phone anywhere, cross-platform and borderless.


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