Local & Global

Make the world a home-zone.

Reach 98% of all people and 40% more than the internet.

Best possible social reach.
Global and robust connectivity for IoT & M2M providers.
Brand and platform neutral you can boost your brand alone.



Home in 193+ countries.
Build your communication in any country and for any country.
Utilize any mobile network in your country (2G-5G & WiFi hotspots).
Indoor coverage WiFi gives you broadband internet where there is no mobile network available.
From local to global in 30 days. With the Starter & Lite business packages you are international in just 15 days from now.

International & Global

Your worldwide presence with a single platform - one connectivity - a single application.
VAT compliant invoicing is prepared.
Currencies are prepared.
Wow-rates begin in the worldwide freezone° or make you feel in your home-zone.


Free roaming business.
Exclude roaming fees for mobile calls and mobile data.
Lean management for international bodies: One global connectivity provider: You!
Reach the world by a single installation.

Mobile apps work in your an in 192+ countries.
You can purchase Conect.One services for local and international business alike.

Unified  We have assembled different networks on a single platform to perform like one network.
GSM gives you the mobile network with the best coverage outdoors.
WiFi hotspots provide internet access with the best coverage indoors.
Network and brand neutrality helps to choose the networks with the strongest signal where ever you are.

Provide a borderless experience in terms of rates and performance, while your digital installation is compliant with local and international regulations. This makes Conect.One a perfect partner for going global within 30 days.


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