Deeper Security

Digital safety on all levels: People, privacy, connections, devices and money.

We want you to sleep tight, pay less and serve your users above average.

Robust and multi-level securities are an integral part or our installations.

Applications & Devices

Build extra-safe mobile apps and devices with us or add deeper security to your products.

Software applications come at least with 256-bit AES encryption and an optional password for the chatroom.
Hardware like phones, mobile devices can be ordered with hardcoded encryption, integrated connectivity on TTL/SSL basis.

You want to have your own security devices for M2M-IoT or phones? More at Phones & Devices.


Connections & Transmission Routes

Achieve ultimate safety standards by controlling the connectivity of your applications and devices.

TLS/SSL  IP based voice and data is 256-bit encrypted.
Hardcoded  Hardware (SIM/phones, etc.) allows hardcoded encryption and security keys.
P2P   Build your VPN style service where everything is real-time controlled by you.


Real-World Safety

Secure beyond digital and meet physical threats.

Chatrooms with optional password.
The film-SIM includes a dedicated storage, accessible by you only.
Platform hosting  at accredited colocations, cloud providers or on-site.
Better privacy  No financial details, email addresses, etc. are required.

One-Stop Hosting

Everything hosted as one system: Platforms, connectivity and applications:
Geo-redundant  at the regions you operate.
Round robin  keeps data and services up whatever happens.
Firewall  sometimes double secured by colocation providers and our system settings.
On-site  hosting as an option for even greater physical security.
SLA   Connectivity on telco house rules, hosting on colo house rules, usually guaranteed uptome of 98,9 % and higher.



Provide a consistent system with everything streamlined to protect user rights.
Registration  A single information can be sufficient to give users 100% function.
Optional passwords  keep snoopers outside private chatrooms.
Phone number rental  helps to legally cover private numbers.
Chatroom - the new email, SMS, voice mail and more:  One closed system for the entire communication.

All-In For You

As business and provider you can serve better protection and securities than required by political directives on privacy and digital communications.
Each business package includes ready to use settings for:

  • Privacy
  • Platform hosting
  • Mobile connections
  • Applications
  • Snoopers and hackers

All settings and defaults are ex-changeable and expandable.


Your Users Get

Thoughtful deeper security is another feature you can give peace of mind to your users.
Registration  A mobile number, a single information is sufficient.
Payment details  will not be queried while users can shop and pay you directly.
The chatroom  became the new "email". Consequently the communication with users stays in one secured system.
Network neutral  Users can switch networks in order to stay connected anywhere at any time.
One-time-passwords  Lost and compromised passwords are history.
Auto-deletion  Once all chat participants have read and have received sent files they will be deleted on the servers.
Snoopers  are locked out by an optional password.
Call recording  helps to document what was really said.
You may add more features or change the settings of your platform and the behaviour of your apps of course.

Security as a Business

Digital safety is your business? Let´s join forces. We probably have the best possible foundation for you.


Our software protects, secures on six levels.
Our SIM applications allow hardcoded protection.
We have made privacy extremely simple and most effective at the same time.

Double Yes. The software communication occurs via TLS/SSL, which is 256-bit encrypted. The connectivity is controlled by your platform. If you have Conect.One hardware such as SIM cards/e/film, phones, devices the encryption and keys are hardcoded and contain an optional extra storage accessible only by you.

Register with just a mobile number!
Rent a local number (DID) and let the receiver see your local number (instead of the SIM card number).
Your communication and media on one system and in just your chatroom. No email or other services required.


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