New Digital for


Immediate Income

Earn the connection fees and bill any anything on platforms and apps.

Beyond Internet

Reach 40% more people on any device worldwide.


One service, one source, one administration, one control.

Social Media

Be social and digital all by yourself. Become an autonomous and earning social media service.

With all communication options on board you can connect anyone anywhere, reach to up to 40% more users, perform across platforms and boost your brand alone.

Connecting people as a business!


IoT & M2M

Connect, control and bill anything worldwide.

Integrate connectivity as a new feature of your portfolio or build new M2M & IoT services on the turn-key ready business packages. ⁝ Reach beyond the internet. ⁝ A free global data option gives you great margins to earn.

Talk directly to machines.


Phones & Devices

Integrate mobile connectivity.

Your phones + connectivity + mobile platform = next-gen full service communication provider.

Your brand in all phones!


Telcos, CSPs & MvNOs

Robust tools for saturated markets, which give you an edge over your competitors.

Serve new relevant user experiences by: Going global in 30 days. ⁝ Let users use you, even if they use SIM cards from your competitors. ⁝ Offer IoT & M2M with international full coverage unlimited data flat-rate.

Your brand in all phones!


VIPs, Influencers & Celebs

Earn while your followers, fans and clients talk and chat with you.

Flash money for celebrities, VIPs, coaches, influencers. You set the rates, enjoy viral talks & chats; money is on your credit card in no time.

Instant money while you chat and talk.


Fintech & Money

Set better standards in digital and mobile money for any phone, anywhere.

The three cornerstones of digitialization as a single application: global connectivity, full autonomy and ultimate security for mobile payments, p2p banking and more.

Money goes total mobile!


Social Marketing

Communicate directly with markets, users and not-yet-customers with just your brand.

A single marketing tool for any mobile device with 40% greater social reach. All broadcast channels in one, owned by you: Social media, email, SMS-texts, calls, live video/voice/messaging.

100% loud - 100% your brand.


Communities & NPOs

Group communication redefined: Save + Fund + Connect + Secure.

Create a win-win for everyone: ① Funds for your organization. ② Better and more affordable communication for members and supporters, inclusive freezones°. ③ No paperwork for you. Donating more simple than ever before.

Each call donates.


Security & Privacy

Safe ground beyond digital on six levels and automated.

You care about users and money? Lets cover entire value chain: Devices, transmission routes and content. With astonishing simple and effective privacy settings everyone gets satisfied.

Safer users, business and values.



Sell the most comprehensive one-box digitaliziation to anyone.

Three levels of income are prepared: a. Live-time, based on consumption. b. One-time, based on the setup fee. c. After sales. Each successful hint will be rewarded. Just talk to us.

Anyone can sell digital.



Test platform, connectivity and apps. Get the Test app at Apple & Google.

Business Packages

Turnkey-ready communication in 7 | 15 | 30 days.

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