Your tool box to

All of your communications from a single source, as a single installation with just your brand.

You Connect

Own your products and users all by yourself.


Earn the connection fees directly and 100%. You set the rates and margins.


Total mobility via GSM, LTE in 193+ countries and WiFi hotspots all over the globe.

Chat & Voice

Social communication anywhere and on any phone. Each call begins in the freezone°.

Internet & Data

Reach beyond the internet and cover the IoT & M2M industry with free global data.


Go borderless and platform neutral in order to connect anyone and anything anywhere.

Your Platform

Deep-control your business.

Billing & Invoicing

Bill any movement on your platform and applications. The invoicing occurs inclusive VAT and currencies of your choice.

Manage & Control

Communicate directly with users and devices. The COS includes your admin dashboard, while the daily report helps the c-level to see revenues, new users, statistics and more at a glance.


Home of your digital installation with all options prepared: CoLocations | cloud | on-site.

Your Applications

Empower any(ph)one and anything anywhere with your services.

Super Connector

Act like a telecom and help others to connect the way they want.


Mobile applications for phones and connected devices.

SIM card/e/film

Upgrade your apps with dedicated connectivity via GSM, LTE and WiFi hotspots.


Secure your applications and income streams by exclusive devices and special phones.


Dedicated Points of Service: Interact with users at any terminal.

Deeper Security & Privacy

Cover your and your users safety needs.


Robust software and smarter security features on BYOx basis.


Secured by 256-bit encryption via TLS/SSL. Optional hardware (SIM/phones, etc.) allows maximum security.


Georedundancy, round robin balancing, firewalls and more measurements allow a telecom style service level. | Optional on-site hosting gives an even greater physical security.


Astonishing simple for users, no pain for you and even better saver than lawfull requirements.


An optional password protects against snoopers. | The film-SIM includes a dedicated storage, accessible only by you.

Extended Coverage

Perform beyond the internet and reach 40% more people.

Global One

Go mobile and global in a single step. Rates always begin in the international freezone°.

Local in 193+ Countries

Facilitate a superior coverage on the basis of GSM, LTE and WiFi.

Brand & Platform Neutral

Connect to any phone and device anywhere.

Languages, Currencies & VAT

Up to eight languages and automated invoicing are prepared.

Make & Safe Money

Boost revenues and perfect sourcing.


Your digitalization is another profit center inclusive connection fees for calls and internet-data.


Margins of up to 100% allow outstanding savings.


Closer to the sources in telecommunications, coding and hosting.

Billing & Invoicing

Bill any movement on your platform, in your apps, in any currency inclusive VAT.

Prices & Fees

You determine the rates, fees and margins.

Support & Integration

One-comfort on all three levels:


With Stand-Alone | Plugin | Dedicated integration all your digital requrirements will be met. It starts from EUR 250.-/months.

Service Levels

Most robust service qualities are based on telco house rules, geo-redundant colocations and multi network access.

Customer Support & CRM

Automated CRM modules simplify the user administration. A 24/7 chat support can be booked addtionally. You set languages and content.


Test platform, connectivity and apps. Get the Test app at Apple & Google.

Business Packages

Turnkey-ready communication in 7 | 15 | 30 days.

Features Solutions for